Forget Fournette

Leonard Fournette is predicted to be drafted in the NFL draft within the top 10 picks (if not the top five). The hype around Fournette and the impact he could make on a team is high, it is similar to the hype around Ezekiel Elliott from last years draft who made am immediate impact in both NFL production and Fantasy Football production. The Fantasy impact Fournette will make however will most likely not be worth the draft position he will fall in Fantasy drafts. In an articles that Sporting News wrote in March 2017 ( the top five teams to possibly draft Fournette are:

  • Cleveland Browns
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Carolina Panthers
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Oakland Raiders

Now excluding the Raiders due to recent Marshawn Lynch news those four teams are great teams for a NFL running back like Fournette to end up. For Fantasy things get trickier. Due to Fournette most likely being a top 10 overall NFL draft pick the team that drafts him will want him to be a bonafide starter ASAP. The Browns have decent running backs with Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson. Fournette would certainly outshine them but it is still something to consider. As for the Jaguars and Panthers, though those teams also have starting running backs in Jonathan Stewart (CAR), Chris Ivory (JAC), and T.J. Yeldon (JAC) a coach for those teams would most likely not mind putting them on the bench to let Fournette get majority of the carried. The Saints is a toss up. Though Mark Ingram carried the backfield there someone like Fournette could be a time share back and be successful, but again spending the draft capital a team would have to spend to get Fournette makes a time share backfield not worth it.

Overall Fournette will most likely be a successful RB in the NFL but for Fantasy purposes unless he has the backfield to himself he won’t be worth where he is going in Fantasy Football drafts. Unlike Elliot (DAL) where a team made him the primary back, no NFL team currently (until trades or drops) has the room to make him a 90% plus carrier.


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