Brian Hoyer: The Man to San Fran

Bryan Hoyer has been a QB with a long career in the NFL with many teams. Hoyer is a player who does not make headline news…until recently. With a fantasy perspective Hoyer’s move to the San Fransisco 49ers is something to keep your eye on. We saw Hoyer be a fantasy relevant Quarterback during his time at the Browns (2014), Texans (2015) and Bears (2016). Though he has not played a full season, split his time with other QB’s and has small sample sizes, Hoyer seems to be a great streamable QB that I could never imagine will be drafted.

Now that Hoyer is a 49er his starting position is up in the air as free agency still continues and the 2017 NFL draft has not taken place. With new Head Coach Kyle Shanahan however this offense will most likely become QB fantasy relevant. We saw what Shanahan did with Matt Ryan in Atalanta during 2016 and 2017 (17 when Ryan was the #2 best QB by the end of the Fantasy Season in standard scoring). The 49ers do face teams like the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals twice a year but for the most part their upcoming 2017/18 season schedule is not that intimidating as far as defensive backs.

Hoyer is not the “for sure” starter, which means this could all be for not. This articles general purpose is to let you know to watch and see what develops in San Fransisco because if the starting QB were to be Hoyer, he is a viable streaming options that majority of your fellow opponents will not use their FAB dollars or waiver priority on.


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