Tony Romo Where Art Thou To Go?

Tony Romo will most likely be leaving his long time football organization, the Dallas Cowboys. Something that happens to all the greats at some point in time. Now Romo will be looking to play one or two more years and collect a big paycheck, but where will Romo be going? What would be a good fit?  A smart fit?

Well here is what it comes down to, Romo needs good pass protection. The nickname Mr. Glass unfortunately is incredibly accurate. At 36-years-old Romo can only take so many hits in the pocket before he winds up with some injury that will make him miss 1 to s17 games. We saw this, this past season. So lets look at the following information.

During the 2016 Season the top 10 offensive lines (according to were:

  • Tennessee Titans
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Pittsburg Steelers
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Washington Redskins
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • New England Patriots

Now here is where the issue lies, all these teams (except the Redskins who will most likely but have not yet re-signed Kirk Cousins) have a starting QB and the trade for Romo would be unnecessary.

Romo also is a bonafide starter, he could be traded as a backup but that is one hell-of-a expensive backup. So the team which makes the big trade will most likely be looking to actually use him as their teams starter.

If we keep going down the list number 11 on the list of top offensive lines are the Buffalo Bills. BOOM. Now there is a team in major NEED of a starting QB like Romo. The Bills have expressed interest in the soon to be former Cowboy and that would be great for Fantasy Football. Will McCoy leading the backfield the run game is a threat as well. This eases the pressure on the QB. Sammy Watkins has been plagued by some injury but his talent is undeniable, with a starter like Romo he may become the next Dez Bryant. Also other Wide Receivers like Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin would benefit as well with out Tyrod Taylor in the pocket.

Now after Buffalo we have to travel a little down the ways to find another team for Romo. Number 12 is the New Orleans Saints, 13 is the Cincinnati Bengals, and 14 is the Kansas City Chiefs. We have to go down to number 15 to find the Chicago Bears. Now the Bears could benefit from Romo for sure but with Cutler most likely going out they are expected to Draft a QB over trading for one. Romo would fit well though, if Alshon Jeffery stays and with the rise of Wide Receiver Cameron Meredith and Tight End Zach Miller the options are there. Also new star 2017 sophomore Running Back Jordan Howard the running game is strong too, definitely a team that would be in playoff consideration if they had their QB locked down and their defense stepped it up.

Number 16 is the Cleveland Browns, a team in which Romo should decline if he were to get an offer. I am not saying he could not be a difference maker but the fact they went through six QBs in 2016 does not give me much hope for Romo to stay healthy. Romo would be able to utilize the Brown’s passing options but I can not imagine him ending up here.

The only other option Romo could most likely take would be fellow Texas team, the Houston Texans, number 18 on top overall offensive lines of 2016. Even though they are down the list the Texans’ offense could be a top their offense with Romo. With Lamar Miller being an option for the run he is easing the pressure for the QB. Two potential star Wide Receivers (one being a former star) DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller would be all star options for Romo. Even with terrible QB Brock Osweiler starting most of the season the Texans still made it to the playoffs. With a great defense and a young offense maybe some wise play from someone like Romo would help the team make it deeper in the playoffs for 2017. They just have to upgrade that offensive line.




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