Never Drafting Ben (BIG BEN) Roethlisberger

For those who watched the NFC and AFC Championchip games, you could see similar game line stories for both the Falcons and Packers, as well as with Patriots and Steelers. Another similarity you could see was Ben Roethisberger’s insane incapability to perform on the road. Even for a quarterback with such a long career making it to the playoffs, he still can not seem to get his HOME-ROAD splits under control.


And this is not a one time offense or even a one season offense. This has been the story through Big Ben’s career. Now… don’t get me wrong. I like Big Ben, I think he has made a name for himself in the history books. That doesn’t mean I want him on my fantasy team. The reason I do not want to ever draft Big Ben is due to the fact that even with his HOME-ROAD splits, he will always be taken higher than he is worth. Just this last year (2016) Big Ben was suppose to be the 5th QB taken in the Fantasy Football draft. The 2017 Fantasy Football Draft? ESPN’s Mike Clay offered an early ranking and Big Ben is going as the 6th OB. Where did Big Ben finish in 2016 in Standard Scoring? 17th overall… 17th. (Given he did miss one day and dealt with injury in others). If you had him though, I’m terribly sorry you did not make it to your championship but next time, do not draft Big Ben.



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