Geronimo Allison and Paul Richardson for the 2017 Fantasy Football Draft

If you are in a league where you can currently be picking up players for your Fantasy Football team and you have not picked up either Geronimo Allison or Paul Richardson then SHAME ON YOU. These two wide receivers have been the two biggest stand outs during the NFL Playoffs. If you are in a regular league and will be drafting later this summer 2017 then make sure you keep an eye on these two for a LATE round draft pick. Now if you are from an area of Green Bay Packer or Seattle Seahawks fans this may be mute information for you as you are likely to have other members of your league following these players too, but if you are from anywhere else in the world then this may be a great LONG SHOT sleeper pick for you.

First off, Geronimo Allison, Undrafted rookie in 2016 fro Illinois who did “meh” through the 2016 season. His 6’3″ frame, and athletic ability though shows he could make an impact if given an opportunity. Rodgers has been looking his way more during the playoffs and Allison has been doing well with the opportunity given. Like we saw with Davante Adams, if Rodgers trusts you then you can make a Fantasy impact. Rodgers can make any wide receiver look good, so if you have a late round pick to use on a wide receiver then Geronimo Allison could be looking to get more targets next season and may be an excellent pick for draft position.


Now on to Paul Richardson, a player the Seahawks have been WAITING FOREVER (well two years) to finally be as productive as he has been this 2016 Playoff. Known best for that amazing catch against the Lions in the Wild Card Playoff game (Yes, it shouldn’t of counted due to the face mask but on catch ability alone it was pretty cool). Richardson was drafted in the second round of the 2014 Draft, that was the year of all of the great Wide Receivers. Though Richardson was picked after some names like Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, and Odell Beckham Jr. he was drafted before other wide receivers like Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry and Devante Adams. The Seahawks may have picked Richardson over the others for his success at Colorado (setting a school record) and his speed and ability to jump. Richardson was suppose to be a third round pick but Seattle saw something and went for it. Unfortunately Richardson was plagued with season ending injuries in his rookie and sophomore year in the NFL. By the time he was healthy Seattle had drafted Tyler Lockett who filled that roll Richardson would have been used in. With Lockett out Richardson got his opportunity and has been doing well. If their offensive scheme changes next year to use both Lockett and Richardson then Richardson will probably be drafted later than Lockett but could put up similar numbers. Again, if you have a late round pick to use on a wide receiver then Paul Richardson could be looking to get more targets next season and may be an excellent pick for draft position.


Now these are picks where you will have to HOPE that they end up making big plays for you in order to be Fantasy relevant. In fact you may have to even wait until a little in the season to see them be worked into the scheme, similar to Green Bay’s Devante Adams or Seattle’s Tyler Lockett who made an impact near the end of the season only. So if you want to take the risk, do it, and cross your fingers. Especially if you are in a league with good players who know their Fantasy Football and all the safe pick wide receivers have  been chosen. Or if you are just player who plays with their gut and makes risky decisions. Either way, two players to watch.


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