Number 1 Overall, Le’Veon Bell

Next year’s (2017) Fantasy Football draft seems to be going very Running Back heavy compared to the last few years, and for good reason. If you were able to snag David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot, DeMarco Muray, or numerous others then you were most likely in your leagues playoffs. Le’Veon Bell stands out more to me and here is why. Bell missed the first three games and still managed to rank 5th over all in the NFL for Rushing yards and 2nd, behind David Johnson in Running Back Receiving Yards. Again, HE MISSED THREE GAMES and didn’t even play the last game of the year. Bell averaged 23.3 points a game in standard fantasy scoring. His consistency is the reason I believe he could continue to score similar next season.

The top picks for next year are between David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot and Le’Veon Bell. Elliot to me succeeded so well not just because of talent but because of his amazing offensive line. Where he doesn’t compare to Johnson or Bell is in the passing game. Johnson ended the regular season with 120 targets, 80 receptions and 879 yards. Receiving 4 touchdowns through he air. Bell had 94 targets, 75 receptions, and 616 total receiving yards. 2 touchdowns through the air. Then 10 Running Back spots down is Elliot with 40 targets, 32 receptions and 363 total receiving yards. 1 total touchdown through the air. So that, plus the fact the Cowboys may retain Darren McFadden, I believe this eliminates Elliot from the number one pick discussion.

Now if next season David Johnson has a better season than Bell I wouldn’t be surprised, but Fantasy Football is all about playing the odds. Bell has more experience, his team has been using his run scheme longer, and Bell’s line will remain strong. I believe (unless you’re a Arizona Cardinals fan) Bell should be the consensus number one pick for next seasons (2017) Fantasy Football Draft.


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